How to Make Your House Safe for a Dog

As pets, dogs are the most devoted and loyal friends of mankind. As a dog owner, you're rewarded by the excitement your dog shows when you come in the room, the wagging of the tail when it sees you and having it lay its head in your lap when you're sitting down. However owning a dog is a big responsibility. Your dog depends on you for food and shelter, and deserves a safe and healthy living environment [source: American Kennel Club]. Here are some tips to help you make your house safe for a dog.

  • Avoid installing vertical blinds, ornate tassels and long cords because if the dog gets caught in them it could lead to strangulation.
  • Don't install mini-blinds, as a dog can easily chew on them when trying to look out of the window.
  • Provide a bed for your dog in each room, so it doesn't feel the need to climb onto the beds.
  • Make sure all your furniture covers are machine washable.
  • Avoid leather and vinyl upholstery, as a dog can damage them with its toenails.
  • Paint your walls with washable paint or paper them washable wallpaper, so that you can easily wash the walls should an accident occur [source: ASPCA].
  • Move all breakable or chewable items to higher places.
  • Don't leave electrical cords easily accessible.
  • Block off the areas of your house where you don't want your dog to go.
  • Keep the toilet seat cover down at all times. You don't want your dog to play with, or drink, the water.
  • Block access to any houseplants that are toxic to dogs [source: American Kennel Club]. //]]]]> ]]>