How to Mount a Horse


It's not difficult to mount a horse, if the horse is willing to be mounted. If your horse keeps moving while you attempt to mount it, it's a sign that your horse doesn't want to be mounted. Horses usually don't mind being mounted by someone they know. It's therefore a good idea to build a bond with the horse before you try to get on it [source: Parelli]. We will now tell you how to mount a horse.

  1. Check that the saddle is secure. Do this by checking that the girth strap is correctly tightened.
  2. Place a mounting block on the left side of the horse. It's always a good idea to use a mounting block, as it prevents the stirrup straps from getting too much pressure on them. Also, it's easier to mount a horse when you're doing it from higher up rather than from on the ground.
  3. Climb up on the mounting block.
  4. Hold the reins firmly in your left hand as you face the horse, without pulling them too tight. Place your left hand on the pommel of the saddle.
  5. Turn the stirrup round to the right so that your left foot will fit into it. Put your left foot in the stirrup.
  6. Stretch your right arm so that your right hand is over the rear of the saddle.
  7. Give a little jump up, straighten your left leg and move your right leg over the horse's back. Move your right hand out of the way and sit on the saddle. Be careful not to poke the horse with your left foot at any time.
  8. Turn the right stirrup so you can put your right foot in it. Put your right foot in the right stirrup.
  9. Sit up comfortably on the saddle [source: Equine World].