How to Stop a Cat From Spraying Inside Your House

Feline spraying is a phenomenon in which a cat deposits a small amount of urine on anything vertical, such as furniture, doors or walls. The cat will deliberately choose its target, turn around and with its tail erect, will direct a stream of urine onto the object. Spraying is a deliberate act and should not be confused with urinating outside the litter box. Spraying is done mostly by male cats, usually when they approach sexual maturity. Spraying is a way for cats to communicate, especially during the mating season. Spraying is the male cat's way of telling the female cat, "I'm here." It's also a way of marking territory. Stress and overcrowding is another factor for feline spraying. Spraying and inappropriate urination problems are among the most common reasons cats are euthanized [source: Cornell University]. So let's learn how you can to stop your cat from spraying inside your house.

  • Neuter your cat There are many advantages to neutering your cat, preferably before it reaches six months of age. One of the main advantages is that if the cat is neutered it won't start spraying.
  • Restrict its view Keep other cats out of your cat's sight. This eliminates your cat's natural response to claim territory. You will have to move furniture away from windows and close the drapes.
  • Encourage friendship If you have numerous cats in the house, encourage the cats to play with each other and not be competitive. Help them build a positive relationship with each other.
  • Reduce stress Feed your cat at the same time everyday and keep its litter box and bed in the same place. Try to avoid any changes that will disrupt the cat's behavior and cause stress and anxiety.
  • Spray cat repellent Spray your furniture and walls with a spray that has an odor that cats find unpleasant. This way they won't come close enough to those places to spray [source: Foster].

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