How to Take Care of a Classroom Pet

If you have a classroom pet, the students will observe your behavior and attitude to the pet and will follow your lead, taking you as their role model in how to care for the pet.

It's therefore imperative that you set a good example regarding providing good care and proper treatment of the pet [source: Humane Society]. We will now tell you how to take care of a classroom pet.


  • Proper care Make sure the pet's cage is in a good location. It should have adequate sunshine and not be too drafty. Make sure it will be taken care of on weekends when there's no classroom instruction.
  • Housing materials Make sure the materials you use for the pet's cage are washable.
  • Cleanliness Make sure the pet's home is kept clean and odor free. This will ensure the good health of the classroom pet. It's advisable to disinfect the cage every day. It's important that you sanitize your pet's cage after cleaning it with a mixture of 4 ounces (114 grams) of bleach to one gallon (3.8 liters) of water. After you have sanitized it with bleach, rinse the cage with soap and water to remove the bleach smell, which animals may be sensitive to.
  • Hand washing Teach your students to always wash their hands with soap and water after handling the pet.
  • Health and behavior If you notice the pet acting sickly or strangely, the pet should immediately be taken out of the classroom.
  • Secure cages Make sure the cages are properly covered and locked, so that nobody can get at the pet when there is no supervision.
  • Food storage Make sure the pet's food is kept in covered containers and boxes. Make sure the food is refrigerated, if necessary [source: Columbus]. //]]]]> ]]>