How to Train Your Dog to Come When Called

Dogs can be very intelligent, which is why they can be trained to guide the blind [source: Santo]. In fact, with proper training dogs can be taught to do nearly anything. You'll want to train your dog to ensure its happiness and safety, to help correct unacceptable behavior and to strengthen the bond between you and your dog [source: American Kennel Club]. One of the things you'll want to train your dog to do is to come when it's called. However, your dog won't be able to respond to your call if it doesn't recognize its name. Even if your dog knows its name, it doesn't necessarily know that a response is expected of it when it hears its name. The first step in training your dog to come when called is to train it to look at you when you say its name. You can then train your dog to come whenever you call its name. Here are some tips that will help you train your dog to come when called.

  • Teach your dog to respond to its name.
  • Reward your dog with affection or treats whenever it comes to you, regardless of whether you've called it or not.
  • Call your dog while running. Your dog is likely to run after you anyway. Don't talk too much to your dog during training sessions or when walking it.
  • Encourage your dog to start coming toward you as soon as you call it. If something distracts it en route, make a disapproving noise. Reward it well if it continues to you.
  • Practice getting your dog to come to you in different places. Start by training your dog to come when you call it in the house, and then continue the training outdoors in the backyard. Last of all, have your dog come to you in the park. Leave the park for last because it's full of potential distractions [source: ASPCA].