Neon Tetra

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Neon Tetra -- paracheirodon innesi See more Aquarium Fish Image Gallery.
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Scientific name: Paracheirodon innesi

Neon Tetras are very similar to Cardinal Tetras but have been available to hobbyists for a good while longer. Perhaps the most popular of all aquarium fish, Neon Tetras grow to a little over an inch in length. As with the Cardinal Tetra, a dark tank with subdued lighting enhances the colors of these fish.


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Neon Tetras can be kept in a water temperature of 68º to 78º Fahrenheit at a pH of 5.5 to 8.0. Although soft water is best, this species will do well in moderately hard water as long as the water quality is very good. They should be kept in shoals with other small, peaceful species, and they take all flake and freeze-dried foods.

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