10 Things to Pack When Traveling with a Pet


Seat Covers

Worried about dog dander on your car seats? Get a seat cover.
Worried about dog dander on your car seats? Get a seat cover.

­When traveling by car, dogs in particular might not be the kindest to your seats. What about cats? For safe car traveling, kitties should be housed in carriers. Of course, you want your pup where all the action is, but you also don't want to spend hours cleaning hair and dander off the upholstery. How about placing old towels or blankets on the seat? They might suffice for short jaunts, but neither does a good job staying in place when a pet moves around on them for a long time. For extended trips in the car, purchasing a seat cover might be in order.

Seat covers are simple to understand -- they do exactly what you think they do. The fabric encases the seat to protect the upholstery or leather. You can find seat covers­ in different sizes to fit captain chairs in the front of the vehicle or longer passenger seats in the back. Sound drab? Not so. Manufacturers make pet seat covers in a rainbow of colors and textures to keep you and your pet at peace on the road. Some even come in eco-friendly, water-resistant or scratch-durable fabrics. The main decision when shopping for a seat cover is how much you'd like to spend. Seat covers fit any budget, running from under $50 to more than hundreds of dollars.