10 Things to Pack When Traveling with a Pet


Toys and Play Sets

Take along your pet's favorite toy for entertainment.
Take along your pet's favorite toy for entertainment.

­When you're trapped in a car for a while, you probably tend to get a little restless. So do your pets. Once they grow accustomed to the movement of the car, some dogs and cats will nod off and nap. But unless you give them sedatives, that probably won't be the case for the duration of an hours-long journey. Perhaps they have excessive energy from being confined to a small space or just want some old-fashioned attention. One way you can kill two birds with one stone is bringing along a few toys or play sets.

Pet entertainment doesn't have to be anything extravagant. A favorite chew toy or pillow from home makes an excellent distraction. The items smell familiar and, thus, keep your pets calmer. This can go for cats as well. If they have a preferred stuffed animal that they chase around the house or blanket they enjoy snuggling in, put it inside their carrier. Portable play sets can also rid hyper dogs of excess energy. These mini obstacle courses encourage jumping and running. Of course, a stick or ball to fetch will also tucker out a pooch.