10 Things to Pack When Traveling with a Pet


Pet ID Tags

When you travel, make sure your pet's wearing a tag.
When you travel, make sure your pet's wearing a tag.

It's one of the most fundamental basics of pet ownership: Make sure that your dog or cat is always wearing a collar with a tag on it whenever you venture forth from home.

Pet collars and tags are probably essential travel accessories that every roving pet should wear. Most dogs and cats already wear some sort of collar and tag with their name on it. But in addition to an identification tag bearing the pet's name and the owner's local contact information, animals also need rabies tags and travel tags with your out-of-town contact information [source: American Association of Veterinary Medicine].

Think of detailed identification tags as a form of pet travel insurance. The pet microchips discussed earlier will help if you become separated from your pet; however, lost pets don't always end up at shelters. If a person finds the pet but doesn't turn it into a shelter, he or she has no way of scanning the microchip. That's when the travel contact information could save the day. Since those important tags are attached to a collar, make sure that your pet's collar is secure on its neck. An old, ratty one could fall off.