10 Rules for Houseguests with Pets


Organize Road Trips and Play Dates

Keep your pet active when you travel.
Keep your pet active when you travel.

­When you travel, you may want to see the sights and include your pet in your plans. When visiting parks or just going for a walk around a new neighborhood, use caution and respect the rights of others.

Always keep your pet on a leash, and ask about any poten­tial hazards, like road construction, problems with unsupervised dogs in the neighborhood and any park regulations that may be in effect. Carry your pet's vaccination information and a photograph with you in case you're stopped by a park official or become separated. Never leave your pet unattended.

If you're traveling by public transportation, check for any pet restrictions before you head out the door, and if you plan on taking the car, use caution when driving. Pets who are unaccustomed to car travel can become agitated. Never leave your pet in a car unattended. Temperatures may be higher or lower than you're accustomed to, and a pet trapped in a vehicle can suffer extremes of heat and cold in a relatively short period of time.

Be cautious when interacting with unfamiliar animals or people. Your laidback dog may feel that the walk to a park filled with strange smells and sounds on top of an overnight stay in a new house is too much stimulation and become distressed or aggressive. Watch your pet closely, and supervise any petting or playtime activities.