5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars

How can you make the ride easier for your pet? See more pet pictures.

These days, cars come with lots of amazing accessories. Automatic seatbelts, GPS units, hooks for anchoring infant car seats and a host of other safety features provide a sense of security. Luxury accessories like seat-back televisions and multizone temperature controls make driving a little easier. Some cars even come outfitted with outlets for powering computers and other electronics.

It should come as no surprise, then, that humans aren't the only creatures to benefit from great car accessories. More pet owners are updating their cars to accommodate their favorite critters. Whether we're road tripping with Fido or simply shuttling kitty to the vet, today's broad range of pet travel accessories make your best friend's ride more comfortable while minimizing any potential distractions.

First up, let's talk about accessories designed keep the car clean. Read all about pet seat covers on the next page.