5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars


Pet Seat Covers

It's happened to all pet owners: One minute your car is immaculately clean, the next it's the covered in pet hair. You can't put the windows down on a nice spring day without choking in a swirling cloud of shed fur. If you're tired of arriving at your destination studded with pet hair, the answer is simple: Cover your seats.

Animal seat covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Vinyl or cloth covers clip around the rear headrests and tuck underneath the seat's edge for a snug fit; they're super lightweight, and simple to unclip, shake clean or machine wash. You can often purchase custom-fitted seat covers from automobile manufacturers. These fit your seats like a glove and trap animal hair so that it doesn't fly around in the air too much. For hatchbacks, station wagons and SUVs, another great option is to place durable, washable rubber mats in the cargo compartments.

Now that you've prepared the car for your pooch, let's talk about helping Fido into the car. Pet ramps are up next.