5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars


Pet Harnesses

What says happiness better than a pooch standing head and shoulders out of the car window, ears flapping and tongue lolling? Though your pet may love this freedom, it's not the safest way for him to travel. In the same way that people benefit from seatbelts, pets benefit from harnesses. Not only will a pet harness keep your companion from flying through the windshield in a wreck, it may also prevent the wreck itself by minimizing the considerable driving distractions a pet can cause.

Pet harnesses generally fit animals that are 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) or larger. Most consist of a padded chest plate that slips over the front legs and buckles to a standard seatbelt, strapping pets comfortably in place for the duration of a car trip. Other harnesses work for dog walks, too, making it a snap to go from car to trail.

If pet harnesses aren't your thing, another way to minimize pet-related driving distractions is to confine your companion to a designated area of the car. Find out about our next amazing pet accessory, the pet barrier, after the break.