5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars


Pet Barriers

Pet barriers give everyone the right amount of space.
Pet barriers give everyone the right amount of space.

Left to their own devices, pets will wander all over your car, creating all kinds of distraction. Anxious animals may paw at you or even try to jump into your lap. Mischievous pets may knock over coffee cups, or startle you with loud mewling or barking. While pet harnesses are a great way to tether your animal companions to one spot, some pets don't adapt to them well, and you might want to allow your pet a little more mobility, especially on long trips. In these instances, you can turn the cargo bay of your hatchback, station wagon or SUV into the perfect kennel-on-the-go with a pet barrier.

Pet barriers come in many varieties -- adjustable metal tubes, wire gates or soft fabric mesh. Many car manufacturers offer pet barriers custom-made for your station wagon or SUV. Adjustable aftermarket varieties are just as effective, and fabric "backseat" models are also available for drivers of sedans and sports cars. Using a pet barrier keeps pets from jumping into the front seat and minimizes mess by confining pet hair to a single area of your vehicle.

Think you're totally prepared for pet travel now that you have your seat covers, pet ramp, harness and barrier? There's one last amazing pet accessory you shouldn't leave home without. Discover what belongs in a pet travel emergency kit next.