5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars

Pet Emergency Travel Kits

Unexpected things happen when you're on the road. Paws sometimes get injured on pit stops in unfamiliar places. Hot sun pouring in through the rear windows dehydrates your furry friends. Some animals, especially cats, will get carsick.

One way to combat the unknown is to follow the Boy Scout motto and "be prepared" by packing an emergency travel kit for your pet. Some shops advertise rugged nylon totes with matching collapsible dog bowl, collar and lead, as well as basic first aid supplies. Survivalist shops even offer military-style pet travel kits with MRE-like emergency water and food rations for your animal.

Think of a pet emergency travel kit as a diaper bag. You'll want to pack the essentials: a water dish or collapsible bowl, water, pet waste bags, treats, and food. Basic first aid supplies -- antiseptic, gauze, tape and any medications your dog might be taking -- are also handy.

No matter whether you're traveling hours into the tundra or toting your pet along on errands, pet travel accessories provide a safer, cleaner travel experience for both you and your pet. Find related articles and lots more information after the jump.

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