Top 5 Pet-friendly Travel Cities in the U.S.

Where do you go when your pet wants to come along too? See more dog pictures.

­Are you longing to get away? Desperate for a change of scenery? Though you may need a vacation, if you have a pet, the idea of leaving Fido or Fluffy behind might be too much to bear.

So why not bring your pet along on your trip? Considering that most Americans own a pet -- nearly 40 percent of American households own at least one dog, and 34 pe­rcent have one or more cats -- many popular destinations have taken note [source: Humane Society]. A number of cities across the country are welcoming man's best friends into their beaches, parks, hotels and yes, even restaurants.

­What qualifies a town as being pet friendly? It not only needs to have many hotels and restaurants that welcome furry friends, but it also has to have a lot of open space for pets (and their owners) to r­oam, as well as an active Humane Society and high-quality veterinarians.

HowStuffWorks has compiled a list of the most pet-friendly cities across the country. Plan a trip to one of these pet hot spots and tails are sure to start wagging.