Top 5 Pet-friendly Travel Cities in the U.S.


Portland, Ore.

The Grotto Sanctuary in Portland is a favorite spot to bring pets.
The Grotto Sanctuary in Portland is a favorite spot to bring pets.
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­Money magazine proclaimed Portland to be North America's "Best Big City" [source: Travel Portland]. Portland could easily be termed one of the continent's "best pet cities" because of its many beautiful parks and outdoor areas where pets are free to roam. About 20 of the city's parks are off-leash, and some of them are fenced. Many of the city's most beautiful natural attractions allow pets, including the Grotto -- a 62-acre (0.25 square kilometer) Catholic shrine and botanical garden. Each July, the Grotto hosts a Blessing of the Animals. For thirsty pet­s, the Shemanski Fountain, located between Salmon and Main, has three low drinking basins, placed perfectly for parched pets.

The Hotel Monaco is a favorite pet hangout in Portland. When you arrive, your pet will be greeted by the Director of Pet Relations -- a friendly golden Labrador retriever named Art -- who will see to it that your four-legged VIP has an unforgettable stay. The hotel spares no expense when it comes to pet amenities, offering everything from a pet masseuse to a pet psychic.

If you're thirsty while in town, stop off for a beer at the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company, or a cup of joe at the Iron Mutt Coffee Company. Both have pet-friendly porches, and at Iron Mutt, your dog gets a free biscuit.


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