Top 10 Pet-friendly Vacation Spots


City Escapes

Big cities have become some of the pet-friendliest places around. Luxury hotels in Atlanta, New York, Beverly Hills and Nashville don't just accept pets; they have special programs for them that include massages, bathrobes, canine cocktail hours and voice coaching lessons.

On a more modest budget, plenty of urban hotels accept pets these days, and some welcome furry guests with treats and special meals. Other amenities include providing owners with listings and directions to nearby pet-friendly restaurants, attractions and veterinary contacts upon check-in.

After getting settled, an abundance of outdoor restaurants and cafes in most cities means that you and Rover won't have to dine separately. But enough about you. What fun can your pet find in the city? Plenty. In addition to pet-centered events, you'll find guided and self-directed canine walking tours through many of the city's highlights. Along the way, you can do a little shopping in pet boutiques and other shops, such as those all along Second Street in Long Beach, Calif., where store owners provide fresh water and treats for their canine customers.

For some off-leash fun, you can head to a dog park. These fenced green spaces offer acres of free-range excitement. Your pet can socialize with other dogs, play Frisbee, run through an agility course, hydrate at a watering station and take a dip in a swimming pond. You can play along or relax on a bench. You might even get lucky and catch a special event like the working-dog demonstrations and human barking competition that are part of Santa Maria, Calif.'s, Woof Pac Park's Dog Days of Summer program.

Is your ideal vacation more about relaxing and enjoying the good life? Then a spa or resort that caters to quadrupeds and their people is the answer.