Top 5 Risks When Driving with a Pet

Unrestrained pets can be injured in car accidents. See more pet pictures.

­Click it or ticket -- most people don't think twice about buckling up when they get into a car. We buy vehicles with airbags and five-star safety ratings to protect ourselves and our families from being injured in car accidents. And we're smart to do so: Despite our safety efforts, there were nearly 6.5 millio­n auto accidents in the United States in 2005, injuring 2.9 million and killing more than 40,000 people [source:].

­Yet there's one highway hazard that many of us don't think twice about inviting into our cars: our pets. More than 71 million American homes have a pet, and 82 percent of those pets are frequent backseat drivers [source: Bark Buckle UP]. Let's unleash five common risks of driving with a pet in the car, from anxiety to fatality.