How to Drive with Your Pet

Pet Car Barriers

­If your pet loves to have free reign from the back of your minivan to the front­ passenger seat, but you don't love it, you might want to add a pet car barrier to your vehicle.

If you drive a sedan and merely want to keep your pet from jumping up to the front seat, you can purchase an inexpensive fabric or mesh barrier that will attach to each of the front seats, providing a barrier across the center console. This will keep the dog from getting in your way and causing a potential distraction while driving. You can also use a hammock style pet cover, mentioned previously in this article, for this purpose.

If you have a minivan, sport utility vehicle, wagon or a crossover, pet car barriers allow you to keep your pet in the back of the car without it jumping onto all of your car seats. These barriers are generally made of wire and adjust to fit various vehicles. These kinds of barriers are more expensive -- but also much more extensive -- than the fabric barriers that cover the small gap between front seats. You can also by extenders to use in conjunction with the wire barriers to help keep even the most Houdini-like pup at bay.

If your pet is older and has trouble jumping into a car -- or you merely have a monster truck that even you have to jump up to get into -- visit the next page to learn about pet steps and ramps.