How to Choose Dog Travel Clothing

By: Emilie Sennebogen

Your pup's fur may not be enough protection against frigid temperatures. See more pet pictures.

When packing for a trip, you always pick your cutest outfits, right? Why should packing for your pup be any different? Not only do dog clothes serve practical purposes, like keeping your pooch warm and dry, but they also attract a lot of attention for your furry friend.

Dogs are social creatures by nature, and an adorable outfit encourages perfect strangers to pay lots of attention to your well-appointed pooch, which is highly likely to get that tail wagging. Not all dogs are good candidates for clothing, but that doesn't mean you still can't style up your pup. There are tons of cute collars on the market. You can also choose jewelry that attaches to their collars, complete with gemstones and pearls. If you want to turn your pooch into a princess for the night, get her some bejeweled headgear, like barrettes or even a tiara.


We all know there's nothing like a little doggy bling to start the conversation. Whatever your style, here are some tips for packing for your four-legged fashionista that won't push you over that pesky 50-pound-bag limit.

Summer and Winter Dog Travel Clothing

A bikini is more about style than function for your dog.
A bikini is more about style than function for your dog.

Choosing the right seasonal clothing is important for your pooch's comfort as well as her health. While canine couture is all the rage, most dogs are naturally equipped to handle the elements, so adding too much gear over their already protective coats can sometimes do more harm than good.

If you're heading to cooler temperatures and you have a breed with super short hair or one who tends to get the shivers, then a parka or sweater is a good item to pack. Choose ones with reflective strips for nighttime walks. And don't forget boots, which can be good for snowy adventures. They not only protect delicate little feet from getting too cold, but they also keep off the salt and de-icing chemicals found on the sidewalks. Plus, all of this makes indoor cleanup a lot easier. Just remember that heavy coats can be dangerous for dogs if they're getting too much exercise on their walk, so dress them according to the temperature and keep an eye on your pup's energy level.


Rainy climates command a waterproof slicker, but your best bet for keeping your pup fashionably cool in hot climates is a cooling bandana.

Destination-themed Dog Travel Clothing

Even if your pooch knocks his hat off in 10 minutes, it's still fun to be festive!
Even if your pooch knocks his hat off in 10 minutes, it's still fun to be festive!

If you pack for your pooch like you do for yourself, you'll want to make sure you have options for any occasion. Attending the film festival at Cannes? Then you must pick up some fashions for your pup inspired by the frocks worn by recent Academy Award winners. We particularly like the Reese.

Pretty much anything from the Paris Hilton dog clothing collection will ensure that your pup is ready to go out on the town. Choose from flirty sundresses or heavy-duty denim.


On your way to the Kentucky Derby? Then a hat is a must.

Skiing in Aspen commands a cable knit sweater so your pooch can stylishly kick back in the lodge while you're out on the slopes.

If you find yourself Scotland bound, then anything with a tartan plaid is appropriate garb.

And if New York during the holidays is your destination of choice, make sure you pack a stylish coat and hat. Preferably a bouclé, for a touch of Jackie O.

And if you're just not sure what your trip will hold, a tie with an elastic neckband is the perfect accessory to pop in your suitcase. Consider it the boy dog equivalent of the little black dress.


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