How to Choose Dog Travel Clothing

Summer and Winter Dog Travel Clothing

A bikini is more about style than function for your dog.
A bikini is more about style than function for your dog.

Choosing the right seasonal clothing is important for your pooch's comfort as well as her health. While canine couture is all the rage, most dogs are naturally equipped to handle the elements, so adding too much gear over their already protective coats can sometimes do more harm than good.

If you're heading to cooler temperatures and you have a breed with super short hair or one who tends to get the shivers, then a parka or sweater is a good item to pack. Choose ones with reflective strips for nighttime walks. And don't forget boots, which can be good for snowy adventures. They not only protect delicate little feet from getting too cold, but they also keep off the salt and de-icing chemicals found on the sidewalks. Plus, all of this makes indoor cleanup a lot easier. Just remember that heavy coats can be dangerous for dogs if they're getting too much exercise on their walk, so dress them according to the temperature and keep an eye on your pup's energy level.

Rainy climates command a waterproof slicker, but your best bet for keeping your pup fashionably cool in hot climates is a cooling bandana.