What types of travel are prohibited for pets?

Prohibited Travel for Pets on Trains

Amtrak does not allow pets on its trains. If you have a service animal, both of you must adhere to a series of rules. If you're traveling with a service animal, make sure it's under your control at all times. The animal must be in its carrier for the duration of the trip unless both of you are either boarding or getting off the train. If the schedule permits, both you and the service animal can get off the train at certain stations for brief walks. There's not much time to linger at these stops, though, so Amtrak recommends staying near the train and re-boarding as soon as the conductor says to do so. If bathroom breaks are necessary, tell the conductor as soon as possible. Conductors will stop the train immediately and turn your service animal over to animal control officials if it seriously misbehaves or loses control.

In Europe, the Eurostar line allows only service animals, and you must make special arrangements because animals are not normally allowed in the sleeper cars [source: National Rail]. In the First Great Western Sleepers, for example, animals can ride if they're muzzled, labeled and kept in a container approved by National Rail officials. In the First ScotRail Sleepers, animals can ride if you've taken the entire cabin for yourselves and have paid an extra fee. Animals are not permitted to ride in the cargo area, but special arrangements will be made for service animals. Let's jump the rail lines and head to the bus depot in our next section.