What types of travel are prohibited for pets?

Prohibited Travel for Pets on Buses

­If you've ever taken a bus across town -- or across the country -- you know how hard bus travel can be on your luggage, your back and your body in general. Think of your pet before you plan a bus trip with it, but plan ahead if you must travel with your four-legged friend. Know the pet travel regulations that govern your bus line and your planned destination, and do all you can to ensure your pet's safety and your sanity. One more thing: Don't be surprised if it's nearly impossible to book a bus trip with your pet.

Ironically, Greyhound doesn't welcome its namesake on board. Pets are not allowed on this bus line, although service animals are. If you can travel with your pet on a bus (possibly on a smaller charter line), your pet will be able to travel freely across state lines as long as you have a recent health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination from your vet on hand [source: Humane Society]. These certificates allow officials to see that your pet is in good health and current on all vaccinations should any health problems arise.

In addition to a current health certificate, you might want to consider bringing along identification papers and a list of any medications or health concerns so that any unexpected visit to the vet goes smoothly. If cruising in luxury is more your style, our next section will tell you what to do when planning a cruise with your pet.