What types of travel are prohibited for pets?

Prohibited Travel for Pets on Cruise Ships

Cunard's Queen Mary 2 made cruising wit­h canines and kitties -- and their owners -- a top priority in 2006 when it expanded its offerings to include a spacious 12-kennel pet area aboard the ship [source: Cunard]. The ship offers everything from fresh doggie biscuits to unique bedding options. There's also a complimentary "crossing certificate," a portrait photo and a selection of top-notch food offerings for your pet to choose from. Pets are fed, watered and cared for by a kennel manager, and you can take advantage of the spacious walking area and spend time with your pets throughout the day [source: Cunard].

Cunard is unique in its offerings: Carnival Cruise Lines, for instance, does not allow pets on board, although service animals can come along. Ports-of-entry have special requirements for pets, and it's up you to contact the Agriculture Department to learn what those requirements are. These requirements vary by country, so you should contact the embassy in your destination to find out what you should do if traveling with a service animal [source: Carnival Cruise Lines].

Now that you know a little more about where your pets can go and where they can't, you're finally ready to hit the road. If you'd like more information about pet travel before you split, see the links below.

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