How to Vacation With Your Pet

Pet Skiing Destinations

Every year you look forward to the snow. Everything looks so white and pretty, and more importantly, after months of waiting, you can finally hit the slopes. Your only question is: Can I bring my pet along? The answer is "yes" -- oftentimes you can.

There are a number of prime ski destinations that offer pet-friendly accommodations. Some resorts have kennels on their premises where your pet will be cared for around-the-clock. If the particular resort you've chosen doesn't have a kennel and won't allow pets in rooms, don't lose hope. With a little bit of research, you might be able to find a nearby kennel that isn't associated with your resort but is more than willing to take care of your dog while you carve through fresh powder.

If your resort doesn't offer a kennel and there are none nearby, you could always rent a private lodging such as a house or cabin. Your pet can stay in the comfort of your home away from home while you do your best not to fall off a chairlift.

If you like skiing, but not going fast down the side of a mountain, there are also a few cross-country ski centers that allow pets on certain trails. One such trail at Windblown Ski Touring in New Hampshire was cleverly given the name Loop de Poop [source: GORP]. It's not clear who exactly created the name, but a few others like Tahoe have also adopted the clever saying. Currently, Tahoe has 4.6 miles (7.5 kilometers) of dog trail [source: Tahoe's Best].

Always call ahead to make sure pets are allowed where you're going. If they are, be sure to be courteous to those around you and respectful of any rules regarding animals. One bad apple can ruin it for everyone.

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