Rosy Barb

Rosy Barb -- barbus conchonius See more aquarium fish pictures.
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Scientific name: Barbus conchonius

Like most barbs, the Rosy Barb is an active swimmer. This hardy, peaceful species grows to 2.5 inches and should have a spacious tank. The Rosy Barb does best at a somewhat cooler water temperature, in the range of 68º to 74º Fahrenheit. A pH of 6.5 to 8.0 and water that is moderately soft to relatively hard are suitable.

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The Rosy Barb will take flake and freeze-dried foods and should receive additional vegetable flake food as well. Males have decidedly darker fins than the females, and when they're ready to breed the males take on a deep pink hue. A long-finned variety of the Rosy Barb is also available.

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