Scissortail Rasbora

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Scissortail Rasbora -- rasbora trilineataSee more aquarium fish pictures.
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Scientific name: Rasbora trilineata

Scissortail Rasboras are a larger species that will reach three inches and do well when kept in a school of six or eight. They should have adequate swimming space and darkish aquascaping. Scissortail Rasboras are a hardy fish and will do well at a water temperature between 72º and 82º Fahrenheit with a pH between 6.0 and 6.5 and moderately soft water. All flake and freeze-dried foods are accepted.


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The coloring of this species is rather bland, but they're worth keeping for their behavior and size. As large, active swimmers, they are an obvious presence in the tank. Scissortail Rasboras are also skillful jumpers, so keep a tight-fitting lid on their tank. Their habit of repeatedly flicking their sharply forked tail fins adds interest and accounts for their common name.

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