5 Tips for Walking Your Dog Safely


Walk Your Dog Where There's Minimal Wildlife

woman dog at dog park
Walk your dog at the dog park. They're fenced in and keep out other wild critters. Alex Potemkin/Getty Images

Years ago, my English setter mix, McBeal, and I were on a lovely walk when she caught sight of a squirrel. Now, McBeal was never a friend of wildlife (she hated hot air balloons, too). She bolted up a wooded hill and out of my sight. I didn't have a good grip on the leash, which in retrospect was a good thing. She pulled so hard I might have dislocated my shoulder. Regardless, I found her off the trail within a couple of minutes. Two hours later, lost, and bewildered (at least I was), we found the trailhead and motored back home. Moral of the story: Don't walk your dog where wildlife abounds.

Consider a dog park; they're good places to walk your dog. Many are fenced in, which keeps unwanted critters out.