5 Tips for Walking Your Dog Safely


Check the Forecast

walking dog in snowstorm
Make sure you and your dog are prepared for the weather before your walk. Yiming Chen/Getty Images

Your dog needs to be walked during all sorts of weather. The key to having a safe walk is to always check what the weather will be like. Dogs and humans, for example, do not do well walking in unbearably hot or humid weather. People and dogs can overheat rather quickly when the temperature rises.

In those situations, walk slowly and for a short time. Never walk in thunderstorms. If it is too cold out, make sure you and your furry buddy are bundled up with the right winter gear. Also, be careful on ice. Dogs who love to pull on a leash can slip easily, taking you down with them. You too can easily slip (I've done this several times) without your dog's help. Also, avoid asphalt on hot days. The road can burn your dog's paws.