10 Surprising Behaviors in Nonhuman Animals

Just like humans, this chimp might be inclined to yawn if he saw a picture of a pal yawning. Tier Und Naturfotografie J und C Sohns/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Ever seen your dog yawn and realize you were a bit tuckered out, too? Well, it might also work the other way around. Scientists have noted that monkeys will yawn at an image of a yawning buddy. They've also noted mice who feel fear when they see pals in danger [source: Ham]. This kind of behavior indicates empathy, or when an individual can recognize and feel what someone else is feeling.

Empathy in animals might also indicate that we as humans might not be evil at heart as some would believe. The characteristic fosters cooperation, so an animal is not putting his or her needs ahead of the group's. This research implies that, even though empathy isn't always useful for survival, kindness is a tool of natural selection that did win out in the long term. So perhaps evolution has proven that nice guys do finish first. Or at least don't finish by getting eaten by a lion.

Now let's take a look at something every viral video has already taught us -- that animals can be hilarious. But this time, it's scripted.