Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

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3-D Printing Is Revolutionizing Veterinary Medicine

3-D printing is helping animals — both wild and domestic — recover from injuries that might once have meant euthanasia.

This Chicken Is So Goth It Makes Darth Vader Jealous

The magic of the blacker-than-black Ayam Cemani is in its genetics.

5 Reasons Geckos Are the Coolest Lizards

Geckos have abilities that definitely take lizardhood up a notch.

How Chameleons Change Color and Why They Do It

Chameleons change color whenever they feel agitated, exhilarated, threatened or excited. OK, but how?

On Patrol With the Beagle Brigade

There's a four-legged security officer patrolling your airport and this canine is on a mission to find illegal fruits and veggies.

Do Rabbits Really Go Crazy in March?

Rabbits can be fluffy bundles of laziness or superbly rambunctious, but do they really go crazy in March?

Can Snakes Really Come Up a Toilet Pipe?

Don't let this fear keep you from using the porcelain throne! Snakes in toilets are extremely rare occurrences.

What Animal Can Hold Its Breath Longest?

Many marine and aquatic mammals can survive without breathing by slowing their heart rates and redirecting blood from their extremities to their brains, hearts and muscles.

Yes, Animals Can Be Half Male and Half Female

Called gynandromorphs, half male and half female animals are rare, but they do exist.

Budweiser's Clydesdales: How These 'Gentle Giants' Came to Symbolize a Brand

The iconic horses step tall to promote wind power, which creates 100 percent of the electricity used to make Budweiser beer.

How Do Animals Survive Major Storms?

Miraculously, many animals are able to ride out some of Mother Nature's most powerful storms. But how?

5 Animals Whose Blood Isn’t Red

Not all animals have red blood flowing through their veins. Meet some our blue-blooded, green-blooded and, yes, transparent-blooded fellow creatures.

DOGTV: The HBO for Fido?

Many of us admittedly keep our televisions on when we leave the house — for our dogs. But does Fido really watch the TV?

White, Brown, Green Chicken Eggs: What's the Difference?

Check your chicken's earlobes (yes!) to know what color eggs you'll get.

Eco Engineers: 5 Animals That Can Reshape Earth's Waterways

Animals leave their marks on the ecosystem in ways you probably never imagined.

Scientists Shed Light on the Amazing Shrinking Shrew Skull

The common shrew takes some pretty drastic measures to survive winter.

Connecticut Becomes First State to Appoint Legal Advocates for Abused Animals

Connecticut new "Desmond's Law" is the first in the nation that appoints legal advocates in animal abuse cases.

Skeletons and Mummies Litter the Shores of Antarctica

Mummified seals. Skeletal penguins. Massive whale bones. Antarctica is a weird and wonderful place.

Poop Duration for Mammals Averages About 12 Seconds, New Study Finds

What do mammals have in common? We're warm-blooded. We feed their young with milk. And we all take the same amount of time to defecate.

Do Animals Have Different Blood Types Too?

Do non-human animals have equivalent categories to our A, B and O blood designations? Can animals donate blood?

How the Beagle Brigade Works

The Beagle Brigade is an important part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The dogs are trained to sniff out fruits, foods and plants in international passengers' luggage as they arrive in the airport terminals.

Can Animals Experience Culture Shock, Too?

Twins pandas born at Zoo Atlanta were sent to China and are reportedly having a hard time adjusting. But is that culture shock or something else?

Can Animals Get Sunburned?

Whether through biology or behavior, nonhuman animals have to avoid sun damage just like we do.

Pets Satisfy Kids More Than Their Siblings Do, Study Suggests

Pets might have more to do with a child's psychological well-being than previously thought, and moreso than even their brothers and sisters.

How Tardigrades Work

No, a tardigrade's not a type of time-traveling police box on "Doctor Who." It's an ancient water bear, of course!