Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.


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Eco Engineers: 5 Animals That Can Reshape Earth's Waterways

Animals leave their marks on the ecosystem in ways you probably never imagined.

Scientists Shed Light on the Amazing Shrinking Shrew Skull

The common shrew takes some pretty drastic measures to survive winter.

Connecticut Becomes First State to Appoint Legal Advocates for Abused Animals

Connecticut new "Desmond's Law" is the first in the nation that appoints legal advocates in animal abuse cases.

Skeletons and Mummies Litter the Shores of Antarctica

Mummified seals. Skeletal penguins. Massive whale bones. Antarctica is a weird and wonderful place.

Poop Duration for Mammals Averages About 12 Seconds, New Study Finds

What do mammals have in common? We're warm-blooded. We feed their young with milk. And we all take the same amount of time to defecate.

Do Animals Have Different Blood Types Too?

Do non-human animals have equivalent categories to our A, B and O blood designations? Can animals donate blood?

How the Beagle Brigade Works

The Beagle Brigade is an important part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The dogs are trained to sniff out fruits, foods and plants in international passengers' luggage as they arrive in the airport terminals.

Can Animals Get Sunburned?

Whether through biology or behavior, nonhuman animals have to avoid sun damage just like we do.

Pets Satisfy Kids More Than Their Siblings Do, Study Suggests

Pets might have more to do with a child's psychological well-being than previously thought, and moreso than even their brothers and sisters.

How Tardigrades Work

No, a tardigrade's not a type of time-traveling police box on "Doctor Who." It's an ancient water bear, of course!

Tardigrade Mating Finally Caught on Camera, Is Suitably Weird

The toughest animal in the world has just released its first sex tape, and as with all things water bear, things get pretty freaky.

Hypnotic, Interactive Map Predicts Migration as Animals Become Climate Refugees

A new tool helps visualize how a changing climate will force animal species to relocate.

10 Animals That Look Like Monsters

There's little we can imagine that Mother Nature hasn't already dreamed up in one of her fouler moods. Care to meet some creatures with frightful features?

5 Reasons Tardigrades Will Outlast Us All

There's no way humans will outlive the tardigrade, but we might be able to steal some of its powers while we have the chance.

There Are Multiple Theories for Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads

If you think there's one easy explanation behind this cute canine behavior, think again.

Your Dog or Cat Can Have Depression, Too

But how do you diagnose a pet's mental state when it can't talk to you?

10 Animals With Better Jobs Than You

Hate to say it, but some animals have jobs that are far more interesting — and more lucrative — than yours. Who are these lucky dogs?

Gaze Into the Disappearing Mouth of the Hydra

The Hydra is a fearsome, tiny predator that stings and swallows its prey — through a mouth it had to rip its own skin to create. But how does it do that?

New Study: Fear Alone, Replacing Actual Predators, Can Change Ecosystems

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, said FDR, but he wasn't a biologist. Scientists examined what impact the fear of apex predators can have on an ecosystem.

Feeling Sick? Snuggling With Pets Won't Hurt Them, Could Help You

Don't worry about transmitting the cold or flu to your furry friends. In fact, some time cuddled up can help with your sickness.

Should Other Animals Have the Same Rights (and Responsibilities) As Humans?

Will we witness personhood for other animals in our lifetime? It's not out of the question, thanks to a recent court decision.

9 Times Interspecies Friendship Worked Out OK

In times of strife and conflict, it's good to remember that differences are OK. Here's a dose of adorable: nine interspecies interactions that didn't end up in a meal.

10 Weird Ways Organisms Reproduce

No matter what your imagination can cook up, real life is weirder. Whether it's parasitic wasps or super-controlling ferns, reproduction can be mysterious, gross or even scary.

Did a Russian lake flash-freeze a herd of horses?

Picture a herd of hundreds of horses fleeing a burning forest and running headlong into a wintery lake, which quickly flash-freezes the whole lot of them. Sounds pretty gruesome — and flat-out unbelievable. But did it actually happen? Could it?

Do animals laugh?

Researchers have investigated whether animals are capable of making a unique sound in response to joy.