Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.


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Top 10 Animal Skills

Animal have some amazing skills. Read on to see which animals have the most amazing skills.

Top 10 Smartest Animals

Want to know the 10 smartest animals? Learn about the 10 smartest animals in the animal kingdom.

Top 10 Tree-Dwelling Animals

These animals aren't treehuggers in the environmental activist sense. They have to hold on for dear life! Meet the top 10 tree-dwelling animals.

5 Oiled Animals That Should Get Press Gulf Oil Spill

So many poor animals fell victim to the Gulf oil spill in 2010. Learn about all of the different animals affected by the Gulf oil spill.

Alpine Habitat

What is an alpine habitat? Learn what constitutes an alpine habitat and who lives there.

Temperate Forest

What is an temperate forest? Learn what constitutes an temperate forest and who lives there.

Tropical Forest

What is a tropical forest? Learn about tropical forests and the animals that occupy this habitat.


What is tundra? Learn about the tundra and the animals that occupy this habitat.

Courtship and Mating

Do you think courtship is dead? Read on to learn about animal courtship.

5 Little Known Facts About Fish

Learn five things we bet you didn't know about fish!

Top 5 Sustainable Fishing Practices

Do you love to fish but love the environment too? Check out these five tips for sustainable fishing!

How Earthworms Work

You'd think that earthworms are good for fish bait and little else, but that isn't the case at all. Earthworms are the engines that help local ecosystems run. They aerate soil, help facilitate plant composition and so much more.

10 Venomous Creatures in Your Backyard

You don't have to live in some exotic, tropical environment to find a venomous critter. They live all over the world, and some may be closer than you think.

How to Report Animal Cruelty

You'd like to know how to report the animal cruelty you sometimes see. This article will tell you how to report animal cruelty.

How to Help a Stranded Animal

You want to help a stranded animal, but don't know what to do. Learn about how to help a stranded animal in this article.

How to Help an Animal that got Hit by a Car

You want to help an animal that got hit by a car, but don't know what to do. Learn about how to help an animal that got hit by a car in this article.

How to Attract Wildlife to Your Backyard

If you know how to attract wildlife to your backyard you can discover your region's wildlife from the comfort of your patio. Learn about how to attract wildlife to your backyard in this article.

How to Approach an Injured Animal

If you find an injured animal lying in the road, you have to know how to approach it safely. Learn about how to approach an injured animal in this article.

How to Identify Vertebrates

You'd like to teach your class how to identify vertebrates. This article will tell you how to identify vertebrates.

How to Identify Reptiles

Would you like to learn how to identify different reptiles? Learn about how to identify reptiles in this article.

10 Virus Carriers

Explore these killer outbreaks pictures and delve into the real human drama of deadly diseases.

Which species are violent for sport and why?

When we see cats toying with their prey, we imagine that they're toying with it before they get around to finishing it off. What animals enjoy violent sports? Better yet, why do they find violence attractive?

What is the most violent species?

When we think about violent animals, many of us turn to creatures like sharks, bears, rhinos, crocodiles or even the Tasmanian devil. What other species outdoes all these others in its capacity to cause violence?

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Animals Affected

See the devastation caused to animals after the Gulf oil spill. Check out these devastating images of animals after the Gulf Oil Spill.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Animal Clean Up

See what it took to clean up the effects fo the Gulf Oil spill.