10 Superhero Powers of the Animal Kingdom

Has someone ever asked you what superpower you'd choose if you could have one? Well, you're going to want to consider the 10 in this list the next time you answer this question. ClaudioVentrella/iStock/Thinkstock


In the superhero lexicon, these "sounds" usually mean our hero is winning his or her epic battle with the villain of the day. The world will soon be restored to order; peace will prevail a little longer.

But in the animal kingdom, superheroes aren't as showy. When they maim an enemy or gain an upper hand over their environment, you probably won't hear much more than a quiet "ribbit." In the next few pages, we'll meet animals in our world – and some that can even survive outside our world -- with superpowers that might seem fantastic to even the folks at DC and Marvel.

So WHOOSH! On to the next page to learn more about the superheroes who protect their own little corner of the animal kingdom.