Animal Facts

Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.


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Which species are violent for sport and why?

When we see cats toying with their prey, we imagine that they're toying with it before they get around to finishing it off. What animals enjoy violent sports? Better yet, why do they find violence attractive?

What is the most violent species?

When we think about violent animals, many of us turn to creatures like sharks, bears, rhinos, crocodiles or even the Tasmanian devil. What other species outdoes all these others in its capacity to cause violence?

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Animals Affected

See the devastation caused to animals after the Gulf oil spill. Check out these devastating images of animals after the Gulf Oil Spill.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Animal Clean Up

See what it took to clean up the effects fo the Gulf Oil spill.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Beaches

Remember the horrific Gulf oil spill? Check out images of the devastating effects the oil spill had on so many animals.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Fishing

Check out these devastating images of animals after the Gulf Oil spill.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Aerial Views

See pictures of the Gulf oil spill from above in our aerial view photos.

Gulf Oil Spill Pictures: Land-Made Oil

See pictures of the Gulf oil spill including the marshes and land near the oil spill.

Animals Covered in Oil: Gulf Oil Spill Pictures

Check out these devastating images of animals after the Gulf Oil spill.

Can humans communicate with animals?

Alex the gray parrot had a better vocabulary than most animals. He also had a grasp of syntax, an understanding of concepts like bigger and smaller and the ability to manipulate numbers. But was Alex simply parroting what he learned, or could he really communicate?

Do animals have emotions?

Your kitten's strange faces and chirps might seem perfectly intelligible, but how much meaning can you really read into them? Can animals display happiness, sadness, empathy or fear?

How do animals communicate?

All animals might not be able to speak, but they certainly have other ways of communicating. How do animals pass on information to their own species, and how do they pick up cues from other members of the animal kingdom?

Do all creatures sleep?

Sleep might seem pretty simple, but scientists are still scratching their heads over questions surrounding the slumbering state. What does sleep mean to a whale, a brown bat, a migratory bird or even an invertebrate?

Do Animals Commit Suicide?

Distressed birds will peck out their feathers until they expose their flesh to infection. Whales will die stranded on beaches for no obvious reason. But do animals willingly end their own lives?

How many insects are there on Earth?

Whether you're talking about a swarm of bees buzzing about, a cluster of butterflies sucking down nectar or a nest of cockroaches hidden in a corner of your house, insects are really plentiful. How plentiful?

How Rabies Works

Most of us know not to pet an angry dog with a foaming mouth, and that perhaps snuggling with a bat isn't the brightest rabies-prevention plan. But how does rabies choose its victims, and what can it do to humans?

Do Coyotes and Badgers Work Together to Find Food?

Coyotes and badgers? This unlikely partnership is actually a surefire thing when it comes to catching a tasty dinner.

Are zoos good or bad for animals?

As you visit each amazing exhibit at your local zoo, do you ever feel a twinge of guilt or remorse when watching these enclosed creatures? Are zoos helping or hurting animals?

African Animal Pictures

Many kinds of animals are native only to Africa, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, zebras, giraffes, hippopotamuses. Take a gander at these amazing African animals and see how many you recognize.

How Animal Detectives Work

The next "CSI" spin-off may not take place at a zoo or wildlife preserve, but there are real-life detectives working to solve cases of the furry, feathered variety.

Are Komodo dragons' mouths deadlier than cobras' venom?

A Komodo dragon's bite is a deadly cocktail of bacteria and venom. But is it worse than a cobra's bite? Who would win in the hypothetical battle of lizards versus snakes?

Can piranhas really strip a cow to the bone in under a minute?

Ever since Teddy Roosevelt witnessed a piranha feeding frenzy, the fish have been known as fearsome predators. But can they really strip a cow to the bone?

Arctic Animal Pictures

Arctic animals, such as polar bears, puffins and narwhals, have developed amazing adaptations to be able to survive in the arctic tundra. Check out these Arctic animal pictures to catch a glimpse of animals that you'll probably never see up close.


Cryptozoology is the study of creatures that are rumored to exist. But for true believers and alleged eyewitnesses, these "cryptids" are alive and well and lurking among us.

Bird Facts

Approximately 10,000 species of birds make up the class Aves--a diverse group that has long fascinated the human race with peculiar behaviors and adaptations.