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Whether they crawl, fly, swim, slither, walk, run or pounce, wild animals rely on their instincts. Read about all kinds of wild animals, mammals, birds, fish, insects, reptiles and amphibians.

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The Slow Loris Is a Cuddly-looking Primate With a Toxic Bite

When threatened, the slow loris licks venom secreted from a gland under its arm. Licked and loaded, the loris is ready to poison an attacker with a bite.

Langurs Are Primates That Love to Monkey Around

There are over 60 species of langur in the world, all of which eat a plant-based diet and most of which burp a lot.

Why Is Suet Used in Birdfeed?

Suet is a fat long used in British cooking. But in the U.S., this high-calorie, nutritious item is favored as bird food. Here's why.

Why You Should Totally Dig Prairie Dogs

These chunky little guys aren't dogs at all. They're actually part of the rodent family, and they're shockingly smart.

6 Facts About the Lovely, Incredibly Destructive, Lionfish

The showy lionfish is a stunning beauty. But this invasive species, which was released into the wild in the 1980s, is wreaking havoc on delicate reef ecosystems worldwide.

Pit Vipers Can 'See' You, Even in the Dark

Pit vipers also carry venom in twin glands behind their eyes, delivered through movable fangs that can be folded up against the roof of their mouth.

Dik-dik: The Tiny Antelope With the Embarrassing Name

The name dik-dik comes from the repetitive 'dik' sound the tiny female dik-dik makes when she feels threatened.

What's the Difference Between a Newt and Salamander?

These two amphibians look similar and are often confused for each other. So how many traits do they share?

The Lemon Shark Is a (Relatively) Friendly Shark

The lemon shark isn't as aggressive as some other sharks and it isn't quite as yellow as its name suggests.

The Serval Stands Tall and Jumps Like A Champion

Servals have long legs and necks, which allow them to spot prey over the tall grasses of the savanna, but their huge ears give them their best weapon — an acute sense of hearing.

Socially Distancing When Ill Is Natural; Just Look at Vampire Bats

Vampire bats do it and so should we: socially distance when ill, that is. That's what a new study found.

9 Enormous Facts About Sperm Whales, Gigantic Creatures of the Sea

Sperm whales are one of the largest creatures in the ocean. And they have the biggest brain on the planet. So are they also the smartest? We'll tell you.

Hognose Snakes Play Dead Like Opossums

These snakes are some of the best reptilian actors you'll ever meet, but don't let the act fool you.

A Greenland Shark Living Today Could Have Been Alive in 1620

This denizen of the frigid deep not only lives a crazy long life, it also can grow up to 24 feet in length and eating its flesh can make humans "shark drunk."

Even Poisonous Sea Creatures Can't Escape the Bobbit Worm's Jaws

Yes, this terrifying worm was named after the infamous Bobbitt case. And with good reason.

Yes, Female Praying Mantises Do Eat Their Mates

The praying mantis is a powerful predator, and not as robotic (or as romantic!) as it seems.

The Blue-footed Booby Dance Gets the Girl Every Time

The blue-footed booby is known as much for its comical mating dance as for its intensely colored blue feet.

The Caracal's Got Super Jumping Game and Satellite Dish Ears

Caracals have really cool ears and can also jump 10 feet in the air from a seated position.

What's the Difference Between a Brown Bear and a Black Bear?

Yes, the obvious fur color seems like a dead giveaway, but you can't always judge a bear by the color of its fur.

Are Mules, Burros and Jackasses All Donkeys?

Are these strong and dependable animals all the same? If so, why the different names? If not, what makes them different?

6 Facts About the Majestic Snowy Owl

From the fictional Hedwig in the Harry Potter series, to those that live wild and free, the snowy owl is one of the most captivating species of owl in the world.

Are Dingoes Dangerous (and Did One Really Eat a Baby)?

These wily canines are probably best known because of the phrase "a dingo ate my baby." But come on. Did a dingo really eat a baby? And do they even attack humans?

Why Does the Kookaburra Laugh?

There's more to Australia's kookaburra than the cheery song you learned as a kid, but what is it that makes the kookaburra laugh?

'Flying' Snakes Are Actually Legless Gliders

To some, the thought of snakes flying through the air is the scariest thought imaginable, but, as we'll explain, flying snakes don't actually fly, they "fall with style."

Yes, Macaws Can Talk (and Say Bad Words!)

Macaws mate for life, can speak human words and have even been known to blush when delighted.