Fish are an incredibly diverse group of animals. Read these articles to find out about all kinds of unique and different fish.

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6 Facts About the Lovely, Incredibly Destructive, Lionfish

The showy lionfish is a stunning beauty. But this invasive species, which was released into the wild in the 1980s, is wreaking havoc on delicate reef ecosystems worldwide.

The Lemon Shark Is a (Relatively) Friendly Shark

The lemon shark isn't as aggressive as some other sharks and it isn't quite as yellow as its name suggests.

A Greenland Shark Living Today Could Have Been Alive in 1620

This denizen of the frigid deep not only lives a crazy long life, it also can grow up to 24 feet in length and eating its flesh can make humans "shark drunk."

The Deep-ocean Anglerfish Catches Prey With the Lure on Its Head

Most species of the rarely seen anglerfish live up to a mile beneath the ocean, where the females lure prey with a head-dangling hook appendage and permanently fuse with male suitors. It doesn't get much stranger than that.

Swordfish Are the Natural-born Gladiators of the Sea

The swordfish's nose might look crazy weird, but these gladiators of the sea are perfectly outfitted for ocean battle.

The Predatory Snakehead Fish, or 'Frankenfish,' Can 'Walk' on Dry Land

The snakehead fish can breathe air, double its population in 15 months and has a huge appetite, which is not a good thing for native species.

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a: A Long Name for a Little Fish

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the colorful little fish with the craaaaazy long name, is Hawaii's state fish, but it wasn't always.

Basking Sharks Look Ferocious, But Prefer Plankton to People

The basking shark, an endangered species, may look like a fearsome predator, but is actually a filter-feeder, gathering zooplankton and other tiny animals, such as shrimp, in bulk as it roams the seas with a wide open mouth.

Piranhas: Toothy Nippers With a Bad Reputation

Piranhas are some of the most feared fish in the world, but is their reputation for ferocity a bit overblown?

Do Fish Get Thirsty?

They're swimming in water all day so how could they ever get thirsty? The answer might surprise you.

Alligator Gar: 100 Million Years Old and Still Kicking

The prehistoric looking alligator gar is sometimes referred to as a "living fossil" and, while they may look threatening, are harmless to anything larger than themselves.

Koi Fish: Shining Jewels of the Water Garden

The colorful superstars of backyard water gardens are actually ornamental varietals of domesticated carp.

Dive Inside the Weird World of the Ocean Sunfish

It's one of the gentle giants of the sea. It loves sunbathing, dining on crabs and taking deep dives to the ocean floor.

Blobfish: World's Ugliest Animal or Someone's Grandpa?

The blobfish is actually pretty average looking in its normal habitat.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Smart Blue Fish

The cleaner wrasse fish passed the mirror test, which is considered the gold standard for determining self-awareness.

Researchers Stunned by Gorgeous New Fish Find

Scientific divers from the California Academy of Sciences discover new species of dazzling, neon-colored fish.

Cheap Magnets Could Keep Sharks Out of Fishing Nets

Commercial fisheries accidentally kill around 100 million — yes, 100 million — sharks each year. The solution to this problem might lie in magnets.

Sharks Dig Jazz? Not So Fast

A new study seems to suggest that sharks prefer jazz to classical music but the researchers set us straight.

Cuttlefish, Masters of Camouflage, Have Newly Discovered Super Power

Cuttlefish can avoid detection by holding a disguise for long periods of time.

Who Knew Fish Sex Could Be So Loud?

The Gulf corvina is the loudest fish on the planet, helping lead to its overfishing and endangerment.

Scientists Discover Why Half of All Farmed Salmon Are Partially Deaf

Scientists have long known that much of the world's farmed salmon was deaf. Now they know why.

Why Goldfish Make Their Own Alcohol

Scientists have known for a long time that goldfish make their own alcohol. Now, they've just discovered how they do it.

How Could a Human Race a Shark?

Michael Phelps is racing a shark for TV glory. But does he have a fighting (or swimming) chance?

In the Absence of Mates, Zebra Shark Just Births Her Own Clones

Shark shocker! This 'virgin birth' is the first example of a shark switching from sexual to asexual reproduction.

Eerie, Deep-ocean Ghost Shark Footage Surfaces for First Time

Never mind the penis on its head, this weird ghost shark was filmed live for the first time, and hanging out in the wrong hemisphere.