Fish are an incredibly diverse group of animals. Read these articles to find out about all kinds of unique and different fish.

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What's a shark's "yummy hum"?

If your ears picked up on a 40-hertz signal, you might wonder what the annoying sound was all about. But if you're a shark and you hear this "yummy hum," it might mean it's dinner time.

Does light attract sharks?

Scuba divers, leave your bling at home. Don't wear yellow when you swim in the ocean. We hear all sorts of advice designed to keep sharks at bay. But is it legit?

Can flapping fish really attract sharks?

If you want to attract someone's attention, you wave. But sometimes, wildly flailing about can bring the wrong kind of interest. Do flapping fish beckon to hungry sharks?

Are dogs a shark's favorite meal?

Perhaps you prefer a nice filet mignon with a red wine reduction, but according to one source, dogs are a shark's favorite meal. Where do they find pups in the deep?

How Whale Sharks Work

The biggest shark in the world is longer than a school bus. But taking people to sea to swim with these giants has become a big industry.

10 Most Dangerous Places for Shark Attacks

You've heard the stat. You're more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark. Still, wouldn't it be nice to know that your next aquatic destination doesn't fall on this list?

How Pygmy Sharks Work

Not all sharks are the gigantic fish we see in popular fiction. The spined pygmy shark gets no larger than 9 inches long. Why don't we know much about them?

Will a Shark Drown if It Stops Moving?

Even the most maniacally energetic people can appreciate crashing on the couch occasionally. Can sharks take the same break without dying?

The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks

The most dangerous shark is the one speeding toward you, right? But if you had to pick a shark to swim with, it wouldn't be one of these bad boys.

How Hammerhead Sharks Work

Hammerheads have itty-bitty mouths, a tall dorsal fin and an impressively odd noggin. Why do these creatures of the deep look so strange?

How Angel Sharks Work

You probably keep an eye out for that telltale fin swimming toward you when you hit the beach. Did you ever think that there might be sharks on the ocean floor, too?

Why are goblin sharks called that?

The good news is, you're not likely to meet with one of these creatures on your next beach vacation. If you did, it wouldn't be a pretty sight.

Why are cookiecutter sharks called that?

They look harmlessly small for a shark. But their teeth carve bites out of seals, dolphins and even larger sharks. Guess what shape that bite leaves in the victim?

Flying Fish

A flying fish is a fish with large fins that help it to glide through the air. Most flying fish live in tropical and subtropical areas of the ocean.

What do most sharks eat?

They range in size from 8 inches to 60 feet, so obviously their food preferences will differ. Sometimes what seems like a good meal, isn't, so they spit it out. That includes humans.

What is electroreception and how do sharks use it?

Ever wonder -- as you're treading water in the ocean -- how a shark might hunt you down? They have a special sense that helps them locate prey.

What causes a shark feeding frenzy?

The lure of a free meal is enough to get most of us moving and maybe even throwing an elbow or two as we battle for the last slice of pizza. Compared to sharks though, our feeding frenzies are tame.

How many sharks are killed recreationally each year -- and why?

Sharks have been around longer than the dinosaurs. After a few hundred million years, it's humans that might kill them off.

How do stingrays kill?

World-famous "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, died on Monday, September 5, in a shocking accident with a stingray. But Stingray-related fatalities are almost unheard of, so what happened? Find out.

How Great White Sharks Work

People are so fascinated with this fierce, fast ocean predator that they've lowered themselves into steel cages to observe it up close. If you read this article though, you won't have to do that.

Could shark cartilage help cure cancer?

Humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks every year. Some of these sharks are harvested for their supposedly cancer-fighting cartilage. Is there any truth to the claim?

How are shark pups born?

You think you and your siblings don't get along? Try being a shark. You might not even make it out of the womb without your brother or sister eating you.

How Nurse Sharks Work

Mellow probably isn't the first word that you think of when it comes to sharks, but these slackers of the sea could change your mind. What's their life of leisure like?

Top 10 Shark Attack Stories

"Jaws" scared movie audiences into staying away from the water. But for some, especially some free-diving abalone hunters, a bloodthirsty shark isn't just a story.

How Bull Sharks Work

Great whites are the flashy man-eaters of the silver screen. But bull sharks may be the most dangerous, with a dinner menu that sometimes consists of sloths, dogs and cows. What can you say? They're opportunists.