Sharks come in all sizes, from the tiny spined pygmy to the 40-foot whale shark, but the great white is hands-down the most famous, thanks in no small part to a little movie called "Jaws."


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The Lemon Shark Is a (Relatively) Friendly Shark

The lemon shark isn't as aggressive as some other sharks and it isn't quite as yellow as its name suggests.

A Greenland Shark Living Today Could Have Been Alive in 1620

This denizen of the frigid deep not only lives a crazy long life, it also can grow up to 24 feet in length and eating its flesh can make humans "shark drunk."

Basking Sharks Look Ferocious, But Prefer Plankton to People

The basking shark, an endangered species, may look like a fearsome predator, but is actually a filter-feeder, gathering zooplankton and other tiny animals, such as shrimp, in bulk as it roams the seas with a wide open mouth.

Cheap Magnets Could Keep Sharks Out of Fishing Nets

Commercial fisheries accidentally kill around 100 million — yes, 100 million — sharks each year. The solution to this problem might lie in magnets.

Sharks Dig Jazz? Not So Fast

A new study seems to suggest that sharks prefer jazz to classical music but the researchers set us straight.

How Could a Human Race a Shark?

Michael Phelps is racing a shark for TV glory. But does he have a fighting (or swimming) chance?

In the Absence of Mates, Zebra Shark Just Births Her Own Clones

Shark shocker! This 'virgin birth' is the first example of a shark switching from sexual to asexual reproduction.

Eerie, Deep-ocean Ghost Shark Footage Surfaces for First Time

Never mind the penis on its head, this weird ghost shark was filmed live for the first time, and hanging out in the wrong hemisphere.

Does a New Two-headed Shark Discovery Mean It's Time to Seriously Freak Out?

In the past decade, several two-headed shark fetuses have been discovered. Is there something going on in the oceans we should know about?

Cannibalistic Ancient Shark Ancestors Devoured Their Own Young

The eel-like Orthacanthus, a precursor to modern sharks, may have turned to cannibalizing its own babies in times of crisis.

We Know Far Less About Sharks Than You Might Think

Think science has sharks all figured out? Think again. We still have so many unanswered questions about the aquatic marvels.

What if there were no sharks?

Most of us would take to the seas a bit easier without any hammerheads, blacktips or bull sharks patrolling the waters below. The truth is, however, sharks help maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Can I Survive a Shark Attack by Gouging Out Its Eyes?

A shark is coming at you. It opens its mouth wide, baring teeth. Will you be able to reach around and poke it in the eyes without losing an arm?

Can playing dead help save me from a shark attack?

If it works for bears, can it work for sharks? If you're swimming alone, it might not be the best idea. But if you're surrounded by scores of thrashing swimmers, playing dead might help you escape the shark's notice.

Can wearing magnets really repel sharks?

Sharks scare us to death. What scares them? Magnets. Researchers have tossed magnets in the water and watched the sharks dart away. But what could be so repugnant about a magnet?

Could ancient Aztecs have held the secret to fending off shark attacks?

Burning ghost peppers is known to ward off elephants. Could chili peppers stave off sharks? The Aztecs thought so and dragged the peppers from strings through the ocean water.

How strong is a shark's bite?

It's scary enough to imagine a shark's toothy jaw snapping at your half-submerged body in the ocean. But the actual impact of its massive mouth clamping down? Surprisingly wimpy.

What's a shark's "yummy hum"?

If your ears picked up on a 40-hertz signal, you might wonder what the annoying sound was all about. But if you're a shark and you hear this "yummy hum," it might mean it's dinner time.

Does light attract sharks?

Scuba divers, leave your bling at home. Don't wear yellow when you swim in the ocean. We hear all sorts of advice designed to keep sharks at bay. But is it legit?

Can flapping fish really attract sharks?

If you want to attract someone's attention, you wave. But sometimes, wildly flailing about can bring the wrong kind of interest. Do flapping fish beckon to hungry sharks?

Are dogs a shark's favorite meal?

Perhaps you prefer a nice filet mignon with a red wine reduction, but according to one source, dogs are a shark's favorite meal. Where do they find pups in the deep?

How Whale Sharks Work

The biggest shark in the world is longer than a school bus. But taking people to sea to swim with these giants has become a big industry.

10 Most Dangerous Places for Shark Attacks

You've heard the stat. You're more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark. Still, wouldn't it be nice to know that your next aquatic destination doesn't fall on this list?

How Pygmy Sharks Work

Not all sharks are the gigantic fish we see in popular fiction. The spined pygmy shark gets no larger than 9 inches long. Why don't we know much about them?

Will a Shark Drown if It Stops Moving?

Even the most maniacally energetic people can appreciate crashing on the couch occasionally. Can sharks take the same break without dying?