Fish are an incredibly diverse group of animals. Read these articles to find out about all kinds of unique and different fish.

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We Know Far Less About Sharks Than You Might Think

Think science has sharks all figured out? Think again. We still have so many unanswered questions about the aquatic marvels.

Could the Popularity of 'Finding Dory' Hurt the Blue Tang Fish?

Could the sequel to Disney's 'Finding Nemo' increase demand for pet s and bring the decline of the exotic fish that plays the leading role?

Fish Can Recognize Individual Human Faces, Scientists Discover

Maybe the shark in 'Jaws' really did have a personal vendetta after all. Scientists have found at least one species of fish that can distinguish between human faces.

Sharks Around These Remote Islands Have Set a World Record

The most remote islands in a remote archipelago hosts a huge biomass of the ocean's largest predators — and that's a good thing.

Prozac in Water Makes Fighting Fish Docile. What Does That Mean for Us?

A new study looks into the impact trace amounts of antidepressants in water has on the behavior of Siamese fighting fish.

Watch Out, Damselfish. Here Comes Leatherface on His Personal Watercraft

Your personal watercraft might be great fun on the surface, but under the waves there's a horror show of petrified fish and the marine predators that aim to eat them.

How Drones Can Protect Us From Sharks — and Sharks From Us

People are going to go into the ocean. Sharks are already in the ocean. What can we do to help minimize problematic encounters? Maybe it's time to send in the drones.

Greedo: Killed in Cantina, Lives on in Fish Form

Is there anything better than naming a new species after the Rodian bounty hunter in "Star Wars"?

Can electric eels kill you?

Electric eels actually aren't eels at all, but they certainly are electric. Their shock can kill animals in surrounding waters, but could it take down a human?

What if there were no sharks?

Most of us would take to the seas a bit easier without any hammerheads, blacktips or bull sharks patrolling the waters below. The truth is, however, sharks help maintain a balanced ecosystem.

How Giant Oarfish Work

King of the herrings! What regal creature would have such a majestic history? It's the giant oarfish, and it's surfaced everywhere from sailors' nightmares to Southern Cali. Meet the longest bony fish ever!

Kite Fishing

Kite fishing is a new, creative and complicated way to fish. Once you get the hang of it, you can haul in a large amount of fish at one time.

How to Shop for Sustainable Seafood

It's possible to keep seafood--a valuable source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids-- in your diet without doing too much harm to the oceans, if you're careful about what varieties of fish you buy and who you buy it from.

Barracuda Facts, Pictures, Video

With its flexible, slim body, the barracuda is particularly adapted to swimming among coral reefs, which requires intricate moves through tight turns. Meet the barracuda! View pictures, watch video, read facts, explore interactives and more.

Eel Facts, Pictures, Video

Unlike land snakes, eels are usually scaleless is although a few species can be found with tiny scales along their bodies. Meet the eel! View pictures, watch video, read facts, explore interactives and more.

Freshwater Sawfish River Monsters

Contrary to popular belief, freshwater sawfish are not sharks. These fish are from the ray species and can grow up to 20 feet (6 meters) in length.

How to Fly Fish

When you know how to fly fish you know how to enjoy the great outdoors. Learn about how to fly fish in this article.

"Shark Week" at Discovery Headquarters: Chompie Image Gallery

For the city of Silver Spring, Md., "Shark Week" doesn't stop when the TV is off. Every year, a great white shark affectionately known as Chompie takes up residence on Discovery Communications' headquarters.

Will I get sick if I eat barracuda?

Oooooh, barracuda! It's not just a Heart song -- it's also a dinner dish. But should you be as suspicious of this creature on your plate as scuba divers are of encountering it in the water?

Shark Week Pictures

Do you love sharks? Check out Shark Week pictures from 2008 to learn about Andy Dehart and his research on sharks and other fascinating marine life creatures.

Can I Survive a Shark Attack by Gouging Out Its Eyes?

A shark is coming at you. It opens its mouth wide, baring teeth. Will you be able to reach around and poke it in the eyes without losing an arm?

Can playing dead help save me from a shark attack?

If it works for bears, can it work for sharks? If you're swimming alone, it might not be the best idea. But if you're surrounded by scores of thrashing swimmers, playing dead might help you escape the shark's notice.

Can wearing magnets really repel sharks?

Sharks scare us to death. What scares them? Magnets. Researchers have tossed magnets in the water and watched the sharks dart away. But what could be so repugnant about a magnet?

Could ancient Aztecs have held the secret to fending off shark attacks?

Burning ghost peppers is known to ward off elephants. Could chili peppers stave off sharks? The Aztecs thought so and dragged the peppers from strings through the ocean water.

How strong is a shark's bite?

It's scary enough to imagine a shark's toothy jaw snapping at your half-submerged body in the ocean. But the actual impact of its massive mouth clamping down? Surprisingly wimpy.