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Marine life includes an incredible and vibrant array of wild animals that live in the ocean. From tiny phytoplankton to massive blue whales, marine life is a vital source of food, energy and life for the entire planet.

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Chainsaw Lobster Among New Deep-sea Species Found in Java Sea

The first-ever deep-sea exploration of West Java seas netted more than 12,000 marine creatures, including some new species of crabs, prawns and lobsters.

Ghostly, Adorable Dumbo Octopus Spotted by Deep Sea Rover

The Dumbo octopus is just one of the amazing creatures filmed by the most recent voyage of the E/V Nautilus.

Sea Cucumber: Animal or Vegetable?

The kindest thing you can say about a sea cucumber's physique is that it looks very much like a large hoagie bun dressed in a lumpy old sweater.

Stinging 'Sea Lice' Invading Atlantic Beaches

Sea lice aren't actually lice — they're jellyfish — but they're no fun when they get in your bathing suit.

Vampire Squid Don't Actually Suck Blood

You can't tell a book by its cover, and you can't tell a squid by its Nosferatu getup.

Sea Spiders Breathe Through Pores in Their Legs

Sea spiders don't do anything by the book, and researchers have just gotten to the bottom of how they breathe.

Eternal Sunshine of the Snail Mind?

Researchers have successfully used RNA to transfer a memory from one sea snail to another.

Sea Slugs Go Solar by Stealing From Algae

By incorporating algae into their bodies, these beautiful sea slugs become one of the few animals with the photosynthetic ability of a plant.

How Do Snails Get Their Shells?

Snails can't pick and choose their shells like hermit crabs can. In fact, eviction means death. So how do those hard shells form over snails?

Boiling Lobsters Alive Is Cruel, Says Swiss Government

To boil or not to boil ... that is the question.

Jaws and Claws: Alligators Eat Small Sharks More Often Than We Thought

Crocodiles are known to eat just about anything. But sharks? A scientific team found evidence that they've chowed down on those predators too.

Jellyfish Don't Have Brains, But They Still Sleep

Don't think you have much in common with a jellyfish? What researchers just discovered may surprise you.

Turns Out 'Gloomy' Octopus Craves Socialization

Researchers discover site of 15 gloomy octopus, a species that has previously been known for being reclusive.

What's Up With This Brain-shaped Blob Found in a Canadian Lagoon?

The magnificent bryozoan is a colonial organism that lives in warm ponds and lakes usually east of the Mississippi River. So what's it doing in western Canada?

Giant Squid, Giant Eyes ... But Relatively Small Optic Lobe

How giant squid process visual information has long been a mystery, but a new study finds their visual processing is surprisingly uncomplicated.

Sea Spiders Pump Blood With Their Guts, Not Their Hearts

If you thought this underwater creeper looked heartless, you're actually not that far off.

Watch Cuttlefish Brawl Over a Mate in Unprecedented Video

In the first-ever video of its kind, two male cuttlefish in the wild go head-to-head over a coveted mate.

Secret Alphabet of Squid Skin Due to Brains Totally Unlike Our Own

How squid brains process their external visual skin communication is fascinating, complex, and unlike anything in the vertebrate world.

Starfish Use Intricate Water Whorls as a Survival Mechanism

It's not easy being a starfish larva. Fortunately, the tiny creatures have an efficient way to get food and swim away.

Here's What Happens When You Swallow a Leech

It sounds crazy, but it's happened before, and it'll probably happen again.

Boxer Crabs Clone Their Anemone Bioweapons

Bruce Lee has nothing on these boxer crabs.

All Mouth, No Anus: Microscopic Organism Could Be Oldest Human Ancestor

New fossil analysis details a microscopic organism from 540 million years ago that just might be a precursor to every vertebrate on the planet.

Scientists Capture First-ever Footage of Live Ruby Seadragon

The mysterious red fish, discovered and identified in 2015 and related to the seahorse, has finally been spotted alive in waters off Australia's coastline.

Humanity's Smartphone Cravings Could Doom Mysterious 'Casper' Octopod

Mining rare minerals from the breeding ground of these newly discovered creatures could endanger their habitat. But hey, then we get batteries.

Scientists Finally Solve Mystery of Weird Mariana Trench Sound

Turns out that strange sound may be minke whales getting vocal in the deep ocean.