9 Times Interspecies Friendship Worked Out OK

By: Karen Kirkpatrick

A lion, a tiger, and a black bear live together at a Georgia refuge after being rescued together as infants. BBC
A lion, a tiger, and a black bear live together at a Georgia refuge after being rescued together as infants. BBC

Cats and dogs. Alligators and bunnies. Tigers and just about anything. These are generally examples of species that don't play well together. But all over the world animals have been caught on video and in photos making friends with their natural-born enemies, and social media's helpng such unlikely incidents become a little more believable. One look at these playmates having fun together will make you believe that maybe we could all do more to make friends with folks who are a little bit different from ourselves.


1. Mama dog nurses a kitten.

Nobody wants to see a baby go hungry, even this Belgian shepherd that adopted a kitten and nurses it right alongside her pups.

2. Orangutan feeds tiger cubs.

Dogs aren't the only ones that feel the pull to be a parent. This male orangutan in South Carolina helps out by feeding and playing with a tiger cub, behavior inspired by watching the humans caring for the little cat.

3. Fox and cat.

Check out the fox and the cat that play together, eat together and keep each other looking good in Turkey.

4. Dog and deer playing soccer.

What's a friendship without a little healthy competition? This dog and deer enjoy kicking the soccer ball around. Looks like they're both winners.


5. Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

Sometimes friendship blossoms into romance — though Miss Piggy and Kermit seem to going through a rough patch these days. But, they've been an inspiration to kids for generations.

6. Elephant, orangutan and hound dog.

This orangutan has two good friends you might not expect — an elephant that offers friendship and transportation, and a stray dog that follows him home. "Can I keep him, huh, can I?"

7. Dog meeting kittens.

When you've got kids, it's important that your friends accept them. This mother cat seems to trust her doggie companion completely when he meets her kittens.

8. Beagle and pig.

When you're looking for a father for your pups, help can come from the unlikeliest places.

9. The BLT.

In most parts of the U.S., a BLT is a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. But at Noah's Ark animal sanctuary in Georgia, BLT stands for bear, lion and tiger, inseparable friends who grew up together and share a cabin at this wild animal refuge. Check out the BBC video up top for more on that, and we'll just leave you to ponder this image.

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In the game of interspecies friendship, everyone wins.
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