How to Help an Animal that got Hit by a Car

It's so sad to see an animal lying on the side of the road suffering from injuries because a car hit it. You want to help, but before you do, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here's what you can do to help an animal that got hit by a car:

  • Be careful when approaching an injured animal. The animal is likely to be scared and won't know you're just trying to help. Even animals in grave condition may fiercely defend themselves to the bitter end [source: TCWC].
  • Inspect the animal for obvious wounds and injuries, if you can get near it safely [source: Pet University].
  • Try to keep the animal calm by approaching it slowly while talking to it in a calm and soothing voice.
  • Wear protective gloves when handling the animal. It may also be helpful to wrap the animal in a thick towel or blanket when handling it [source: Anti-Cruelty Society].
  • Apply pressure with a bandage or towel to any external wounds, in an effort to stop the bleeding [source: MSU].
  • Check if the animal has a rapid heart beat, pulse and respiratory rate. These, together with lowered body temperature and pale gums could be a sign that the animal is in shock. If the animal has any of these symptoms, cover it with a blanket and bring it to a veterinarian or emergency clinic [source: Anti-Cruelty Society].
  • Make a splint to immobilize any limbs, which are clearly broken [source: MSU].
  • Move the animal, if necessary, by scooping it up with the towel and placing it in a box. If it's too big for a box, try to slide it onto a flat board or some other surface that can support it.
  • Bring the animal to the nearest veterinarian, emergency clinic or animal shelter to get it professional care [source: Anti-Cruelty Society].