Top 5 Sustainable Fishing Practices


Practice Carbon-conscious Fishing

Watch your carbon emissions.
Watch your carbon emissions.

As we mentioned previously, climate change presents a major threat to many forms of aquatic life. For example, a study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts that droughts caused by global warming will harm streams and cause significant loss of trout habitat in the southern Appalachian Mountains. And another study shows that half of the 36 fish species in the northwest Atlantic Ocean have been shifting northward over the last few decades in response to rising ocean temperatures.

You can do your part to combat these dangerous trends by reducing the amount of carbon that your fishing boat puts into the atmosphere. Replace your propeller with a new stainless steel one, which will reduce drag. And install an electric fuel meter so that you can closely monitor fuel consumption and find the most energy-efficient cruising speed. Keep up with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for the engine. And learn to go easy on the throttle. If you're really into being carbon-neutral, try surfboard fishing, which is entirely human-powered.