Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler

Bird Spotting: True to its name the yellow warbler is bright yellow. A light olive-green tinge colors its back and males have rusty streaks on their breast. Most warblers have white tail spots, but the yellow warbler is the only one of this species with yellows spots on its tail.

Habitat: The yellow warbler can be found in moist thickets and willows. In Florida mangroves attract this bird.

Nesting: Four or five pale blue eggs, spotted thickly with brown, make up the clutch of the yellow warbler. Their nest is constructed of bark and grasses. Inside, fur or plant fibers make a comfortable and warm nest. The complete cup is placed in the upright fork of a small sapling.

Bird Bite: The brown-headed cowbird frequently lays its own eggs in the nest of yellow warblers. The victimized bird seems to take this in stride by building another nest on top of the freshly laid cowbird eggs. This back and forth exchange can happen several times over a season and occasionally nests have been found with up to six layers of nests and eggs.

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