How to Choose Your Pet's Name

The name you choose for your pet tells as much about you as about the animal, and is a decision that should be made with great care. Gone are the days when most dogs were named Rover or Fluffy. Today, as people view their pet as a part of the family, they tend to give their pets human names. Before naming your pet, wait a few days and observe its character. You may want to give it a name that matches its character [source: Pet Insurance]. Here are some tips to consider before choosing a name for your pet.

  • Choose a famous name. You might want to name your pet after a famous historical pet, such as Benji, Lassie, Rover etc. You never know, your pet may grow up to be famous too.
  • Choose a character trait. Observe your pet and see if it has any outstanding character traits. You can name it after that trait. If it's affectionate, you may name it Sweetie; if it runs fast, you may want to consider the name Speedy.
  • Choose a name that begins with a hard consonant. Dogs, for example, recognize names that begin with hard consonants such as "K", "T", "M" or "S" much more easily and quickly than names that begin with vowels. Your dog will respond much quicker in a noisy or crowded area if its name starts with a hard consonant.
  • Choose a fictional character. Practice calling your pet by the name of a fictional character, a cartoon or TV character, or perhaps a character from a children's book and see how it sounds.
  • Keep it short. This is especially the case with dogs, which cannot relate to names that are excessively long. Your dog will respond much better to a short name [source:Karimi].
  • Search the Internet. There are many Internet sites that have lists of names for all sorts of pets.