How to Dye a Dog's Hair

Dog lovers will go to great lengths to get their pets into the festive spirit. If you're celebrating a special occasion or holiday with your pooch, you may want to consider dyeing its hair to add extra flair to the festivities. Your dog may look precious dyed pink or green. You can even use dye to draw pictures on your pooch. And there's no need to worry; professional groomers aver that dying your dog's fur with the proper dye causes no harm to your pet [source: Inbar]. Read the steps listed below and learn about how you can dye your dog's hair.

  • Do not use human hair dye on your dog. The bleach in the dye will irritate any sores or spots on your dog's fur and it may even cause your dog to shed. Consult your groomer to find products that will be safe for your dog [source: Martha Stewart]. You can also use drink mix as a cheap, non-toxic dye.
  • Cover your workspace with old towels or plastic garbage bags. It's best to dye your dog's hair in the bathroom or backyard. Be sure to wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. Depending on how your dog acts during bath time, this may be a messy project.
  • Mix the dye according to the instructions provided. If you use drink mix, simply open the package.
  • Apply the dye in one of two ways. One way is to mix the dye in a sink or tub full of water and submerge your dog in the colored water. This will provide a faint color effect. For a more drastic dye job, sit your pup in the sink or tub (depending on its size) and apply the dye with a brush. If you're using drink mix, combine the powder with water to create a paste. Then apply the paste to small patches of fur until your dog is covered in color.
  • Wait approximately 15 minutes, until the dye has saturated the fur. Rinse your dog off and go for a walk to dry its newly colored coat of fur.

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