How to Treat a Cat That has a Broken Back

A cat with a broken back and leg spread out on a bed.
We are responsible for our pets and their well-being. Anton Petukhov / Getty Images

Cats often fall down and normally land on their paws, but sometimes they can experience a serious injury. If you notice an unusal arch to the cat's back, it's possible that his or her back may be broken. Some other signs of a broken back include extreme pain in the cat's spine area and paralysis. To prevent further damage to the spinal cord, it is very important that you do not move the cat more than necessary.

The spinal cord lies inside the bony vertebrae of the back. If these vertebrae are bent while moving the cat, more severe damage can occur to the irreparable spinal cord. It is for this reason that the utmost care must be taken while sliding the cat onto a flat board for transportation to the veterinarian.


To transport a cat with a broken back, use the following cat care tips:

Step 1: If you are using a flat board or strong piece of cardboard:

Step 1a: Place two or three long strips of cloth or rope under the board, avoiding the area where the cat's neck will rest.

Step 1b: Place one hand under the cat's chest and the other under its rear; carefully lift or slide the cat onto the board.

Step 1c: Tie the cat to the board to prevent it from falling.

Step 1d: Transport the cat to the veterinarian.

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