How to Treat a Cat With Toad Poisoning

A sick cat receiving treatment
Toad poisoning can be fatal. tioloco / Getty Images

Nature provides all life with some means of protection. With certain toads it is the saliva, which is thought to contain a potent toxin. The poison contained in a toad's saliva is so strong that once it comes in contact with the mouth or eyes of the cat, it causes severe symptoms within minutes.

Toad poisoning affects the heart and nervous system to such a degree that death can occur within 30 minutes if the cat is not treated. Some warning signs that indicate your cat has experienced toad poisoning include excessive drooling, a shaking head, trembling and shaking body, lack of coordination, difficulty breathing, convulsions, and coma. Signs may develop around the mouth or eyes of the cat immediately after contact with the toad (Bufo species).


You should also watch for signs of shock, which include pale or white cat gums as well as rapid heartbeat and breathing. If your cat has toad poisoning, use the following cat care tips:

Step 1: Approach the cat carefully. If your cat is nervous or anxious, restrain the cat if necessary.

Step 2: Flush the cat's mouth thoroughly with water, being careful not to choke it. Keep his or her head tilted at a slight downward angle.

Step 3: Flush the cat's eyes thoroughly by pouring plain water directly into them.

Step 4: If the cat is unconscious, wrap the cat in a blanket or jacket to keep it warm.

Step 5: Transport the cat to the veterinarian immediately.

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